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Unwanted odors have a way of lingering around your home. Why is it that if you burn a lovely scented candle, the smell goes away almost instantly after being blown out, but cigarette smoke and wet dog smell seem to hang out forever? Let’s talk about ways to remove those household smells. 

When odd smells continuously engulf your home, you become accustomed to them. They become normal and unnoticeable. And therein lies the problem. But believe us, your house guests will surely be able to detect those odors when they walk into your home.

While many different products advertise odor removal, the truth is that some of them don’t quite cut it when it comes to long-term odor removal. Many products only mask the odor temporarily.

If you need something to remove cigarette smoke or to get rid of the mustiness coming from your closets, have no fear. Bee Maids has a mix of natural and affordable cleaning tips to help you and your houseguests breathe again. And of course, we are the experts at cleaning, so we can come in and take care of the problem for you.  

Get Rid of that Cigarette Smell

As we all continue to learn about cigarettes and their adverse effects on our health, we have also learned that second-hand smoke has a significant impact on health as well. Living in a home that continuously smells like an ashtray can expose you to second-hand smoke.

There are things you can do regularly to eliminate the cigarette odor from your home.

Cigarette Smell

Steam Cleaning

One tip for getting rid of the penetrated cigarette smoke is to steam clean all the carpet in your home. The steam cleaning process will lift the odors up and out of the carpet, not just mask them. When you spray air fresheners, the spray simply sits on the carpet without removing the smell.

If you have a carpet steamer, you can do it yourself whenever you have the time. You can also call a local professional to do the entire house for you. Not only will the house smell cleaner long-term, but it will also make your carpet look and feel better in the process. A steam cleaner is a great tool when you need a cigarette smoke eliminator.

Washing All Linens

Linens are notorious for hosting unwanted smells, especially cigarette smoke. So on your scheduled laundry day, make sure you take down all linens around your home. Launder the curtains, towels, sheets, and even small area rugs that are machine washable. This simple step will freshen up the whole house and make a considerable impact on cleanliness.

Washers have great settings for sheets and delicates, so you do not have to handwash all of your items. May types of curtains and area rugs can be thrown in wash machine without finding them demolished afterward. Check your tag for care options, to save you time.

Whether you wash by hand or wash your linen and cotton items in the washer, this process will pay off instantly. You can also wash them with scented detergent if you like. Then, not only will remove the cigarette odor, but you will also replace it with a pleasant smell like lavender or spring rain.

Calling All Wall Washers

Have you ever walked into a home and seen a wall looking grey, yellow, or otherwise discolored? Many times that is due to cigarette smoke, cooking, or other particles floating in the air. And believe it or not, walls can retain smells.

While it can be somewhat time-consuming, scrubbing your walls with a soft sponge can make your home smell cleaner and get your walls back to their original color. For a simple cleaning solution mix warm water and a splash of bleach or vinegar and get scrubbing.

Household Odors

Other Household Odors

Do you have a trash can whose smell just doesn’t quit? Does your garbage disposal or shoe closet need freshening? Whatever the source of the weird smell, there are several natural and easily accessible methods for clearing the odors out of your home.

Vinegar is Your Friend Against Household Smells

Even though distilled white vinegar has a powerful scent, it is one of the most efficient and inexpensive ways to clean a home. You can use it to clean almost anything around the house, and it is an ally in the fight against unpleasant odors.

If you have a closet, drawers, or a room, in general, that smells musty, you can put distilled vinegar into a bowl or jar with a lid or covering and let it absorb the odors. Poke some holes in the cover of the container, and just let it sit in your room, close to the unpleasant odor.  

The smell of the vinegar will linger for a few days but gradually lessen and leave you with a clean smelling room.

You can do the same with drawers. If your closet and drawers are smelly, you don’t want to put clothes in there. Those unwanted odors will penetrate your clothes. You can put a vinegar-sprinkled newspaper or paper towel in there for a few days.

Baking Soda Solutions

Mix baking soda with water and white distilled vinegar to clean out your refrigerator when things aren’t smelling quite right. If you want a long term odor absorber, buy a box of baking soda and leave it in the corner of your fridge

Baking Soda.  

Dryer Sheets Galore!

Putting dryer sheets hidden throughout your home is an inexpensive and quick way to keep areas around the house smelling great. You can put them in drawers and closets to absorb any nasty odors and keep clothes fresh.

What’s fantastic about dryer sheets is that they are so thin that you can put them anywhere.

When Life Gives You Lemons…

What about that smelly garbage disposal we talked about earlier? Clean it out with lemon, salt, and ice. Drop in some cut up lemon, salt, and a few ice cubes. Turn on the disposal to unlock the awesome lemon scent while getting rid of food and residue with the salt and ice.

Bee Maids Can Help

With ten years of experience, our professional staff is eager to help you with your home. Whether it’s getting rid of unwanted household smells or doing weekly cleanings, Bee Maids wants to help.

Call us at (281) 671-4550 to reach an experienced staff member to answer all your questions. You can also find us at www.beemaids.com and get a quote online.

We look forward to hearing from you!