It never ceases to amaze; no matter how clean you keep your home, no matter how many attempts at a deep clean throughout the house, you will be surprised at what you will find when the place is empty.

There is something about clearing out the entire home and making it devoid of furniture that can really highlight the look of untidiness around the house. You might find stained walls, dirty door frames and baseboards, and a neglected oven interior. All of this adds more stress to the move; not that you lacked any.

So, during a time where there is an endless checklist of things to pack and things to remember, why not hire a cleaning service to take a load off of your hands? Bee Maids is a reliable cleaning service that can be of the utmost assistance in this situation.

Hiring a company to do a move out cleaning will not only save you time and stress, but it will also make your landlords happy and get you that security deposit back. There are a couple of great reasons for hiring a move out cleaner that will have you wondering why you didn’t think of it sooner.

Lovely unfurnished living room with carpet.

Cleaners are Professionals…At Cleaning

While you might clean your home often, there are people out there who do this for a living. And because of that, they know what cleaning products to use on different kind of stains, surfaces, and areas that are hard to clean.

They will know techniques for cleaning that you didn’t even know existed and will provide a thorough cleaning.  Areas that you thought might never look like new again can be refreshed by having a professional come in and do a move out cleaning.

Another great thing about hiring cleaners is that you can leave a checklist for them of all of the areas you want to be serviced. This will give the staff clear expectations and a framework to follow. Clear expectations are essential in a move-out cleaning because, without furniture, everything is out in the open and exposed to scrutiny.

Helps Keep Your Focus

There are so many things to do when you are moving out of a house. The lists, the boxes, the donation and “keep” piles, changing the address for all of your bills and mail; it can be mind-numbing. The last thing you want to think about is cleaning an entire house.

Rest assured that if you hire a cleaning service, you will have the ability to focus more on the actual moving part and less about the cleaning.

Empty room full of cardboard boxes and cleaning things

Cleaning Professionals are Time Savers

Going hand in hand with helping to keep focused, hiring a cleaning company can save you so much time. While dusting and vacuuming the home can be quick and easy, other areas require a lot more attention and can quickly become exhausting.

A move out clean can take you hours to complete; why not pass it off to someone else who is not only efficient at it, but who can guarantee you results?


There is something so therapeutic about calling up a cleaning service when you know a move is coming up. Knowing that you will not have to do all of the cleanings on your own on top of all of the other things you are juggling is so relieving.

Not only are there external pressures to moving, mainly packing, there are also genuine internal pressures to moving as well. It can become an emotional roller coaster, whether you want to admit it or not.

If the move is emotionally stressing you out and the thought of leaving the comfort you know for something new feels like a burden, hire a cleaning staff to help you.

Clean and empty Laundry Room

Get Your Deposit Back

Depending on where you live and how many pets you have, most renters have to pay a considerable amount of money as a security deposit when moving into a home. Nothing says “hasta luego” to your money faster than leaving the place looking disheveled and dirty.

If the place isn’t cleaned efficiently, you can guarantee that at least some of your deposit will be withheld as a “cleaning fee.” But if you go with a cleaning company, you can feel more confident that you will see your full deposit back.

Cleanliness Sets Precedent

Just because you are a landlord, that doesn’t mean move out cleaning isn’t important to you. If you have previous tenants that leave the house a wreck and you have someone else moving in, you need to clean that place quickly and efficiently to set clear expectations.

When you have a tenant move in and see the place in sub-par shape, you might give them the message that a) you do not care much about the place, and b) you do not expect them to keep the home clean and orderly.

If you want your tenants to take care of your rental, then you have to show them you care about it as well. Hiring a cleaning service to do move out cleanings is a great way to do that. As a landlord, it is your responsibility to make sure that the place is in immaculate shape for the next renters. Hire a cleaning service to take care of anything left over.

clean kitchen with no furniture

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