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Keeping your home clean can feel like an endless task. If you have kids in your home, it actually is. Summer is with us, and for many of us, that means our kids are, too. We’re all home a little more, the routine is less defined, and the mess piles up. Chore charts for kids might be the answer.

If you could use a cleaning turbo-boost every once in a while this summer, we love to jump in and take your work to the next level. Give Bee Maids a call. You will love the home we leave with you.

Your Kids Can Do it! 

Wouldn’t it be lovely if all the members of our household chipped in to tackle the chores? Turn yourself into the captain of the house, because the first step in putting your family to work is assigning the tasks. Someone has to do it, and if you persevere, you’ll have a cleaner house and more time to relax. 

We all know kids should have time to be kids. Summer is a great time to focus on a hobby or go on an adventure. It’s also a great time to learn a new skill, and chores at home are the perfect way to do it. 

Your kids may resist at first, but they will learn work doesn’t have to be that bad, and they’ll be so proud of themselves. Besides, if the house is taken care of, there will be more time swimming, and less time looking for the swimsuits!

Children Helping Parents With Household Chores In Kitchen

List the Chores

Make a chores list for kids of things your family needs to do. Divide them into daily tasks, once a week tasks, and as needed chores. Think about how your home works and how often you want things done. Be realistic. (You’ll see “vacuum the carpets” is in the “weekly,” not “daily” category. Although you might be motivated enough to assign it 2-3 times a week, especially if you have several children who need chores.) Here are some ideas:

Daily Chores

  • Make your bed
  • Pick up your room
  • Breakfast dishes, lunch dishes, dinner dishes
  • Sweep the kitchen
  • Water pots or outside plants
  • Spiff up the bathroom
  • Food Prep
  • Wash dishes
  • Dry dishes
  • Set the table
  • Put dishes away
  • Pet care
  • Pick up the backyard
  • Put away shoes
  • Sweep the porch

Weekly Chores

  • Clean Sheets
  • Vacuum carpets
  • Mop the kitchen
  • Launder towels
  • Mow the lawn
  • Weed the garden
  • Take out the trash
  • Sweep the garage
  • Wash windows

As Needed Chores

  • Re-stock toilet paper
  • Wash the car
  • Outside projects – trimming bushes, mulching, planting
  • Clean the refrigerator

little girl is cleaning the home in the kitchen

Assign the tasks

Think about the ability level of your children. Write a list for each child of the chores they are capable of doing. 

  • Chores that Small kids, ages 2-3 can do:
    • Pick up toys
    • Put laundry away 
    • Dust any surface they can reach
    • Pick up shoes and bring them to the right room
    • Help fold laundry
  • 4-5 year-olds LOVE to help with chores, and they can!
    • Make their beds
    • Tidy their room
    • Sweep open areas
    • Fold washcloths and small towels
    • Fold their clothes with your help
    • Re-stock toilet paper
    • Entertain younger siblings (so you can clean!)
  • Chores 6-7 year-olds can do:
    • Sweep the kitchen
    • Vacuum
    • Water pots outside
    • Pulling weeds
    • Feed pets
    • Dry/Put away dishes
  • Once your kids turn 8, they can do almost any household chore. They will still need some oversight as they learn a new task, but don’t let them convince you it’s too hard for them! Find out what motivates them, and make it worth it. 

happy family doing the house cleaning.

Post it for all to see

How you assign and track chores will depend on the ages of your children. Keep a master chore list, but assign tasks in an age-appropriate way.


Teenagers and older kids can appreciate a simple gridded list with checkboxes to keep track of their chores. Make a page for each child. List the chores in the first column and the days of the week across the top. Under each day, add checkboxes on the row of the chores you would like them to do that day.

Manipulable Chore Charts

There are so many creative chore chart ideas for younger kids. It’s great if they can see a picture that represents the chore, then somehow move that picture from a “to-do” spot to a “done” spot. 

  • Buy a wooden chore chart. There are some fun and creative options out there!
  • Make a chore chart for kids with an inexpensive cookie sheet you can hang on the wall. Glue some chore symbols to magnets and move them from one side of the cookie sheet to the other as the chores get done.
  • Write chores on clothespins, and clip them all to the “to-do” side of a piece of cardstock hanging in your home. As your child completes each chore, they can move each clip to the “done” side.
  • Create a table with pictures to represent the chores. Give your child a sticker to put up and keep a record of the chores done each day.
  • Use index cards with chores on them. Hang half-envelopes on a bulletin board with your children’s names on them, and put cards in each child’s envelope each day. When they finish a chore, they move it to the “done” envelope.

mom and children picking up toys after playing at home

Motivate them!

Families have different ideas about chores and how to compensate children.

  • Some like to track chores carefully and pay per job
  • Some set a spending allowance per week and chores are how they earn it
  • Some consider chores as a family contribution and choose not to pay for regular tasks

Whatever your family likes to do, make sure your kids know chores are not optional, but you do 

appreciate their help around the house. Praise quick work, and resist the temptation to give efficient kids more jobs. Add jobs if they drag their feet or complain. They’ll be quicker next time!

Earning money will motivate older kids, but little kids are usually interested in something a bit more fun. Try keeping a rock jar for each child, and let them put a rock or two in the jar for each chore. They will love seeing it fill up. Tell them about a prize they will have when they reach their rock goal.

Bee Maids can Fill in the Gap

However successfully you put your kids to work with chore charts for kids, don’t forget that we all need a jump-start or a deeper clean now and then. Give Bee Maids a call for a free quote. When it’s time for your family to spend more time adventuring and less time cleaning, we will be there for you.