5 House Cleaning Tips For an Awesome Party

Party time! Oh boy, the house is NOT ready for people! Some of us are the type to keep a house clean all the time, unlike the rest of us. A busy life does get in the way sometimes, and you may need a little assistance like Bee Maids!

You may need a one-time house cleaning before the big party. Or maybe you are looking for the spruced-up look at any time for that spontaneous get together. Get a Quote today for peace of mind and free time for party prep!

Waiting for your house cleaning appointment is exciting, but if you want to start right away, let us go over excellent ways to clean before, during, and after the party!

Expand time spent to enjoy a deep clean before the party, or limit your time to the essentials. There is no reason to worry about cleaning anxiously. Print our checklist for even more essentials. Check out these tips on getting your home party-ready.

1. Declutter the Clutter

The most effective action when house cleaning is to pick up clutter and put it where it belongs. Concentrate on areas your guests will venture, like the bathrooms, living room, kitchen, and patio.

Dirty clothes in the laundry room, mail, and other miscellaneous paper gets sorted and put in a secure area shielded from guests. Part of clutter is the random trash laying around. Grab a trash bag and start picking up anything crumpled up, or just not necessary anymore.

This is also a great time to collect anything your friends have left behind in the past and make a lost and found basket or box. Your guests will appreciate the sentiment and its unexpected fun.

The guest bathroom and the kitchen will need a good decluttering with only the items you wish your guests to use or view in sight.

2. The Unseen Becomes Seen

Once all the out of place items are gone, there will be the outlines still visible on all your surfaces! It’s the perfect time to call Bee Maids to take care of the rest of that house cleaning while you concentrate on your party preparations.

If your party is coming up quickly, try dusting first as the dust needs to settle down before a sweep, vacuum, and mop.

If you have fur friends then pet hair could be an unpleasing sight for your guests. There are many ways to clean up dog hair on the fly; a microfiber cloth is the go-to for many fur parents. This great invention is one of the best tips out there for cleaning dog hair and dust. The cloth grabs dirt and hair as if they have longed for each other all their lives.

For smooth surfaces such as the kitchen and guest bathroom, try using a vinegar, dawn dish soap and water mix in an empty, clean spray bottle. Of course, there are other ways to achieve the same effect. The almighty newspaper, coupled with your preferred solution, is a great way to get glass gleaming.

3. Where to Gather?

You may already know the gathering point in your home, usually the living room and kitchen areas. Take a close look at the areas your guests will be spending the most time and interacting. If your guests will be getting plates for snacks, will they be on the counter? If not, you may need to make sure the cabinets are in ship shape order.

Now that the surfaces are clean you can concentrate on the feng shui. Decor placement has an enormous effect on the homes cleanliness feel. It’s a good time to double check your trinkets on display are not dusty, broken or, out of sync.

You may find items that need donating or extra cleaning, like picture frames. Picture frames will get attention at your party because your guests are interested in you! They did come to the party, after all!

The home cleaning solution of your choice with newspaper will dramatically shine the reflective area, so all your guests think, how do they do it?

4. Finishing Touches

Finally, do a walk-through of your party ready home. Put little touches out, such as a scented candle or a tray with all the accouterments for amazing beverages and appetizers.

If you have more time, a mixture of orange peels, cinnamon and rosemary can give your home an everlasting, fresh scent your guests will never forget. Throw pillows need to be fluffed and throw blankets need to be ever so lightly draped across the sofa, loveseat, or the guest bed.

You never know when a guest may stay over after a few of your unique concoctions, so also double check the sheets in your guest room. Walk around, sit, and relax! You never know what you may see when you give yourself a moment.

5. During and After

Your guests have arrived, and your party is going great! Now to make sure your after party is just as fun as the party. Placement of wastebaskets in strategic areas of your home and patio will dramatically ease the clean up afterward and during your festivities.

Plastic cups and cutlery is also a must, and they come in a variety of colors schemes to match your theme. Command hooks are a convenient tool for easy party decoration removal and doubles for your holiday lights!

Your party is for you just as much as your guests and your friends will know if you are too stressed out. The best tip is always to look at the positive side of life, and your guests will remember you forever for it. Positivity also attracts positivity, just as valid as the opposite. Play as hard as you work for total mental healthiness.

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Going the extra mile can be the difference between okay and fabulous, with any of these tips, it is sure to be incredible! Life can be out of control and just too much to handle, Bee Maids is here for you.

Call for a quote before, after or even continuous cleaning for your awesome party, it is the peace of mind you want. No matter what kind of party or how many guests arrive, these tips are sure to make your guests say, When is your next party!