7 Things to Clean Before You Unpack those Boxes

Are you excited to move into your new home?

Moving into a new house is such an exciting moment but also stressful and messy. Making a move-in cleaning plan makes unpacking and cleaning easier. Whether you need a move-in cleaning for your new place or you want to clean your old house before you move-out, reach out to Bee Maids today!

When you get to a new home, you get to adjust to the fresh atmosphere, meet new neighbors and find ways to maintain the cleanliness of your new home. Finding time for a thorough cleaning before filling your new home with your things will pay off in the long run.

Here at Bee Maids, we believe that having a task list will aid you in finishing the job faster. So we’ve come up with a list of the areas of your new home that needs a thorough cleaning before you unpack!

1. Clean Kitchen

Remember that the kitchen in your new house will soon become the area where you and your family will spend a lot of time together. Your new kitchen needs to be clean for everyone to feel comfortable in there.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Wipe down all kitchen counters, cabinets, and drawers. Clean these places with an appropriate disinfectant spray to have satisfying and faster results. Check for grease stains that are possibly difficult to remove and find solutions on removing them.
  • Vacuum or sweep the kitchen floor to remove dust and dirt. Afterward, mop the floor with your favorite cleaning products for tile and wood flooring.
  • Scrub the sink and faucet to restore their shiny look. If it is too filthy to be correctly cleaned, consider replacing the valves. Pay particular attention to the kitchen sink inside.

2. Clean Fridge

Now let us move on to the Refrigerator. Unplug your fridge and let it heat up before you clean it using a smooth cloth. It will make it easier to clean.

  • Remove and wash the drawers and bins. Take out the fridge and freezer drawers, bins and beds and wash them in the sink, or bath with warm, soapy water. Set them to dry away.
  • Wash the inside walls and any racks that are not removable.
  • Review the freezer. If you have unplugged the fridge, wipe it indoors, or carefully clean it if it requires it.
  • Move the refrigerator out of the wall and clean behind it, then also on top and bottom. Dust and dirt can build up even on handles and along with the plastic seal that encloses the gates.

3. Clean Stove

Depending on the condition of the stove, you might need to utilize some elbow grease. Making a paste with baking soda and water and scrubbing is a good start. Purchasing a heavy-duty cleaner specifically for an oven would be helpful, as well.

  • If the removable parts and drip pans are in your oven, remove them and set aside the components. While cleaning the remainder of the stove, allow the drip pans and shelves to soak in a sink full of warm, soapy water.
  • Look inside the oven and apply an oven-cleaner if necessary. The most job takes about 20 minutes. You can set it to operate the cycle if it’s a self-cleaning oven.
  • Clean under its hood. You might need to use a grease remover if you are having trouble with your all-purpose cleaner. Put down a brown paper sheet to collect any drops that may drop.
  • After soaking the drip pans and rolls, you can scrub them clean now. When using a brush, make sure that you are using a brush that will not make marks on the surface. Replace the drip pan and its components.

4. Clean Bathroom

The bathroom will be the space you need most as a matter of urgency as you move in immediately after your movers leave. You will want to take a refreshing shower or a relaxing bath when the day of movement is nearly over.

  • Begin with the head and dust the ceiling, corners, vents, fans, and light fixtures.
  • Wash the cabinets, linen cabinets, and closets connected to the toilet.
  • Scrub the bowl at all parts with the appropriate cleaning product. Include as well shower, tub, and enclosures in cleaning.

5. Clean Bedroom

This room is what you will need to take a rest after the clean-up. You will likely want this room ready to go so you can rest after a long day unpacking.

  • Dust all window sills and built-in shelves.
  • Wipe the bedroom door and disinfect the knob.
  • Clean the light switches and other possible dusty areas.
  • You can use a vacuum cleaner to clean the door and mop afterward thoroughly.

6. Clean Windows

Cleaning your windows might be a tiring task, so you want to do it right to avoid having to do the job again. Follow these tips to make sure you do not have to redo your chore.

  • Sweep dirt and dust from the window frame using a brush. You can also wash your window screen with a soft brush then rinse and dry before putting it back.
  • Make sure to pick the right cleaning product for your windows. If you cannot afford these products, you can switch to using a homemade vinegar cleaner.
  • Majority of us uses newspaper to clean windows, but the most efficient one is the reusable microfiber cloth. This cloth is washable, super absorbent, and leaves the glass shiny.

7. Clean Floors

Next on the checklist is the floor of the home. You must never disregard this part as it may give significant discomfort living in a dirt-floored home.

  • If you move to a home with a carpet, consider hiring a skilled cleaner to clean it before you move in. Your new home will likely need a thorough vacuum. Reach out to Bee Maids and they can help you with that.
  • Make sure to sweep the floor well under heating vents and appliances for wood floors. Use a mild soap to wash the surface. Wood soaps are readily available and are useful in cleaning wood floors.
  • Sweep or use a vacuum cleaner to collect debris from floors. Then mop using your favorite cleaning solution.

Call Bee Maids

Do not forget that once you start unpacking the boxes and arranging your furniture, you might find some dust and dirt made the trip with you. Follow up your move-in clean with regular cleaning from Bee Maids.We will do the work to keep your house clean so you can focus on making your new place feel like home.

It is such a wonderful feeling to move into a clean and comfortable home. To have a good start in adapting to your new place, contact Bee Maids now and have your new home to be cleaned. You will surely live happily in a new home free from dirt and dust.