Cleaning Products That Don’t Mix

Hydrogen peroxide, rubbing alcohol, baking soda, ammonia, drain cleaner, bleach, and vinegar are all commonly found in any home. So many of these items are great to keep your abode squeaky clean. But did you know that when combined incorrectly, some of these products can be dangerous to your health?

When it comes to cleaning, it’s vital to be safe with chemicals. If you are unsure about what to use and when, call Bee Maids. They can effectively and safely clean your Katy, Texas home–with a company guarantee of no explosions!

Baking Soda and Vinegar

While these two make a fun science experiment for the kids, they don’t play very nicely when it comes to cleaning your home. This acidic and basic combination creates a foamy concoction that is mostly just water. You can get a better clean from these items individually.

Not to mention, that a mixture of these two in a closed container can cause it to burst, giving you an even bigger mess on your hands!


Something to remember: bleach should only ever be mixed with pure water and never any other cleaners or products to avoid creating an unsafe environment.

Combinations of bleach and rubbing alcohol, bleach and vinegar, and bleach and ammonia should all be avoided.

Mixing bleach and rubbing alcohol creates a toxic and irritating concoction while mixing bleach and vinegar produces chlorine, that is dangerous at even low levels and can cause irritated eyes, and a cough in addition to breathing problems.

Ammonia and bleach together can result in a gas called chloramine. This mix causes symptoms that are similar to that of bleach and vinegar but with a bonus of chest pain shallow breathing.

To make sure to avoid any nasty combos like these all you have to do is have “bleach only” cleaning days. In your bathroom when you want to use bleach on the shower, and tub enclosure use it to clean the rest of the bathroom too, rather than using various multipurpose, toilet bowl or glass cleaner with it. Using only bleach will guarantee a safe day of cleaning for you and your family.

Drain Cleaner and Drain Cleaner

This one is easy. When you have a backed up drain, follow the directions on the bottle of drain cleaner. If the clog does not dissipate after following the steps given to you by the product, call a plumber instead of grabbing another bottle of drain cleaner.

These kinds of formulas are so powerful, and it is imperative you don’t mix them. A mixture of different brands of drain cleaners can result in an explosion and a very high bill from a plumber!

While this all may seem somewhat intimidating–I have good news for you! These products are some of the most effective cleaners out there as long as they are used individually. If you’re having a tough time figuring out when and where to use these products here is a list created just for you!

Hydrogen Peroxide and Vinegar

Using Hydrogen Peroxide and vinegar separately to clean countertops is safe and effective, but mixing these two can become a dangerous combo.

Be sure to keep these two apart if you don’t want to deal with peracetic acid–a potentially toxic byproduct that can result in irritated skin, eyes and respiratory system.


  • Boil a mixture of distilled white vinegar and water in the microwave until steamy. Wipe away the leftover food.
  • Clean glass and shower doors with a mixture of vinegar and water
  • Use it to get the smell and residue of pet urine out of fabric and carpets
  • Unclog steam irons or showerheads
  • Mix with water and use to mop tile or linoleum floors instead of using a floor cleaner like Pinesol
  • Brew a mixture of water and vinegar in your coffee pot to clean throughout the appliance
  • Vinegar and hydrogen peroxide in separate spray bottles make a great disinfecting combo

Hydrogen Peroxide

  • Create a diluted solution to use for cleaning
  • Best for hard surfaces like counters, walls, doorknobs and sinks.

Baking Soda

  • Keep baking soda stored in a Tupperware container without a lid in the back of the fridge. Doing this will help absorb odor
  • Absorb trash odor too, by sprinkling some at the bottom of every new garbage bag
  • Create a “scrub” by mixing with a small amount of water. This mixture is excellent to let sit on tub enclosures to remove dirt and grime
  • Sprinkle baking soda in the dishwasher before running a load to help with smell and cleanliness
  • Create a water-diluted mixture and spray on children’s toys
  • Add to laundry loads for a brightening effect on clothes.

Call Bee Maids

So it all adds up to this: it is crucial you are aware of the products you are using in your home and that you are using them safely. Paying close attention to product ingredients lists or using only one product to clean at a time will ensure the safest home possible.

But to get the cleanest home possible, contact Bee Maids of Katy Texas and the surrounding area to schedule a deep, move out, one-time or recurring cleaning. A clean home is a happy home, and Bee Maids is the best of the best.