Grease Stains No More

In life, there will always be some unavoidable things: and will get messy at some point, dust will settle onto your furniture eventually, and Bee Maids will always be the go-to to help you focus on what matters most. The good news is that you don’t have to handle it yourself. The not so great news is the result of the cleaning that tends to sit on the bottom of our to-do list.

We’re talking stains. The set-in, impossible to remove, and already dried stains come in all colors and are pretty tricky for even the cleanest of people to handle. Once again, Bee Maids are happy to offer our services to handle it all for you. For the more, ahem, independent cleaners, we’re here to provide some at home solutions to combat the toughest of stains.

It may seem impossible, but there are plenty of solutions that explain how to remove grease stains that are set in. There are all sorts of chemically-filled pens, powders, sprays and salves that promise to remove the result of Johnny’s soccer game tumble, or the grease explosion from breakfast. It all sounds too good to be true. What if there was a simplified way to do it?

Method to the Madness

Set in grease stains can be tough to remove. Some people might even say impossible. A lot of times, it’s not what you use but more so how you use it. You may be using the correct product to remove the stains, but you aren’t giving it enough time or only not using it correctly.

Try an overnight soak instead of a quick rinse. Often, the product needs more time to absorb the grease or stain. Think of it this way, the more set in the dye, the more time it may need to dissolve. Soaking solve all your stain fighting needs, but it’s a great place to start. It may save those favorite shirts from becoming your next cleaning rags. Patience is key!

Dish Soap – The Go To

Dish soap is a staple in almost everyone’s cleaning kit, and it is easily one of the most effective ways to handle stains. Dish washing soap usually is one of the best products to cut through grease, yet it is gentle enough to use on even delicate fabrics. These facts make it ideal for dish washing and stain-fighting alike.

To spice it up a bit and pack a bit more punch, we recommend using baking soda to create a paste for more settled-in stains. This solution will do a lot of the work for you, but it does require a bit of elbow grease (no pun intended) and scrubbing. Let it sit overnight to absorb. The following morning, a quick rinse and pat dry is all you need.

This is an excellent method for clothing, carpet, and furniture. It’s the jack of all trades when it comes to stain removal.

Big Guns

Many stain fighters try to keep their products as close to natural as possible, but some stains require a bit more of a substantial hit. Bee Maids backs up dish washing detergent as a great option, but what about the powdered formula? More specifically, Cascade.

Mind you, this does tend to have a bleaching effect, so it is best to use on white colored clothing or furniture, but it gets the job done. We find it works best to make a paste and let it sit on the area in question. Another great solution is to add it to a sink full of water and let the materials soak it in overnight to be rinsed out come morning.

Be careful of the more delicate materials as the paste tends to be a bit harsher, especially when using a scrubbing motion. In any case, this is a must try for the lighter pieces needing a substantial hit.


It seems 2018 was the year that America’s eyes opened to the many benefits and uses of vinegar. We’re here to add to the list with, you guessed it, stain removal.

Bee Maids recommends that you saturate the stain with a large serving of vinegar. If needed add a paste made of vinegar and baking soda for some scrubbing action. Vinegar is especially helpful for grass and dirt stains.

If the stain is stubborn and set in your clothing, add a splash of vinegar to your laundry for removal. A good vinegar and hot water soak are useful as well. Once again, the product is only as good as you use it.

Ink Stains

One of the most fascinating and effective ways to remove ink stains from clothing is hair spray. Who knew? Next time a pen goes haywire and marks up your couch, fear not! There is hope yet for the material.

Spray the area with a generous amount of hair spray. Take a damp paper towel and gently dab the hairspray off of the material. It may take more than one round of hairspray and dabbing, but the ink should lift. It’s important not to rub as this may smear the ink, especially if it’s a fresh stain.

The best part of it all is that any alcohol-based hairspray will do. Don’t stress about the quality of hairspray. Spray and dab. It doesn’t get simpler than that.

Cheapest Stain Remover Yet

One of the cheapest stain removal tricks dates way back to prehistoric times. Okay, maybe not that far back, but it has been known for decades to be pretty useful.

Once a stain has made its way into your life, sometimes all it takes is a wash and some vitamin-D. Soak some up yourself while you’re out there. The sun has been known to lift some of the toughest stains to date, and the best news is, everyone has access to it, and it’s free. You can’t beat free and useful.

This method works best for clothing, but some material-covered furniture can benefit from it too!

We’re Here For You

Let us know which is your favorite stain-fighting solution. We’re always here to back you up and possibly help solve or prevent your stain fighting from happening. Be sure to call Bee Maids for your residential or commercial cleaning needs.