House Cleaning Checklist: When to Clean What

Cleaning your house can be quite a daunting task. Sometimes, you may completely forget some spots in your house when cleaning it. In such situations, you may occasionally stumble upon dirt, rust, or dust in some regions of your home.

For you to clean your home comfortably, you must have a house cleaning checklist. However, you can deviate from this checklist from time to time.

If there is anything in your house which looks dirty, you must add it to your daily cleaning timetable. If you are too busy, you can contact Bee Maids – a professional cleaning service; and they will help you out.

You should maintain the general hygiene of your home to protect yourself and your loved ones from infections. What’s more – if you keep your house clean; it will undoubtedly look more attractive. Here is a complete and thorough house cleaning schedule;

What to Clean Every Day

Here are the things which you should clean every day to avoid the accumulation of harmful germs inside your house;

  • Sanitize sinks. You can use sponges to remove stains from your sinks. After you have wiped your sinks, you should sanitize them by plugging their drains. Then, fill their basins with a mixture of detergents and warm water, and rinse them after five minutes.
  • Clean your coffee maker. Wash all the removable parts of your coffee maker manually with soap and warm water. Then, wipe the outside areas of your Keurig; including the warming plate so that you can remove spills.
  • Wash dirty utensils. No matter how lazy you are, you shouldn’t allow your dirty dishes to pile up. You can either wash them manually or use a dishwasher. If you have a busy day, you can prefer using the dishwasher to save time.

What to Clean Every Week

According to Real Simple, you should tackle one job at a time to avoid doing all the weekly cleaning tasks at once. This way, you won’t get tired quickly. For example, you can clean your kitchen on Monday and change your sheets on Wednesday. Here is your weekly house cleaning checklist;

  • Clean bathroom surfaces. You can utilize baking soda to clean your bathroom surfaces. Just sprinkle it on your sponge, and use it to wipe all your bathtubs and counters. You can also try out deep cleaning your bathroom after every few months.
  • Clean the inside of the microwave. Take a microwave-friendly bowl and fill it with two cups of water. Add six vinegar tablespoons to the water. Then, heat the bowl in your microwave using the highest power for seven minutes or until your microwave window becomes steamy. Let it cool for around five minutes, and then you can wipe its inside parts with a clean towel.
  • Sanitize sponges. Since your sponges are your primary cleaning tools, you should sanitize them at least once per week. Just mix a ¾ cup of detergent in one water gallon and soak them inside the mixture. Leave them to rest for at least five minutes, and rinse them.

What to Clean Each Month

Again, don’t do all these tasks at once. You can even distribute these chores to your spouse and your children!

  • Clean washing machine. First, spray the gasket of your washing machine with white vinegar and wipe it with a damp towel. Then, set the washer at high cycle and add two cups of white vinegar to the detergent dispenser. Run the machine through one complete cycle. You can run it through another cycle after you have added one cup of baking soda to the drum. Later, you can wipe the drum and the front of your machine with a damp towel.
  • Clean dishwasher. Start by descaling it first by placing a glass filled with vinegar on top of the rack. After you have descaled it, run it without heat or detergent.
  • Clean vacuum. Brush your cleaning toothbrush in a downward stroke to remove debris from your vacuum. If there is something that got stuck inside it, you can utilize a compressed air can to remove it.

What to Clean Every Three – Six Months

You can easily forget these chores, so make sure you jot them down in your diary.

  • Clean pillows. Put the pillows in your washing machine and set it to gentle cycle. Utilize a mild detergent and hot water. Also, you can run your cushions through the rinse cycle several times to remove any residual soap.
  • Wash shower curtain liner. Place your vinyl or plastic curtains in your washing machine and set it to high cycle. You can throw in a couple of your bath towels to enhance agitation.
  • Clean the inside of your oven. Wipe the inside of your oven with a moist sponge. Then, utilize your oven’s self-cleaning feature to eliminate grime. Later, you can manually wash the racks with your dish scrubber and warm, soapy water.

What to Clean Every Year

What to Clean Every Year

  • Deep clean your windows. You should deep clean your windows when it is dry and cloudy. First, wipe off all the dust and dirt with a damp newspaper. Then, spritz the window panes with your favorite glass cleaner, and wipe them using a microfiber towel.
  • Deep clean carpets. According to Good House Keeping, you can take your carpets for professional cleaning, or you can deep clean them yourself. Just clear everything away from the carpets and vacuum clean it. Then, pretreat all the soiled and stained areas. Later, you can rent a carpet cleaner and use it to deep clean your carpets.
  • Wipe down walls. Your walls may get dirty after some several months. The best method to wash them is to utilize a nonabrasive all-purpose cleaner and warm water. Soak a clean sponge into the water, then wring it dry. Use the sponge to rub your walls gently. However, you should pay due regard to the frequently touched areas of your wall like light switches and door knobs.

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This house cleaning checklist contains the essential tasks which you should handle each day. You can follow this checklist to a tee or loosely. Either way, you will comfortably clean your house, and it will never become too dirty. Join our mailing list today to get more house cleaning tips.