How to Keep Your House Clean With The Tidy Up Movement

Unless you have been living under a rock, you know who Marie Kondo is. Chances are, you have already watched at least part of the wildly popular Netflix show. Marie Kondo is sweeping the nation and causing followers to sweep their homes.

Based on her worldwide bestseller, Netflix developed a show touting this organizational guru. People love the show, and the memes are spectacular. But there is no denying Marie Kondo is onto something.

If you’re looking for the Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up summary, look no further. We understand that you want to know how to keep your house clean, and we have compiled some tricks and tips. Of course, the professionals at Bee Maids are ready and waiting if you need or want a little extra help.

The KonMari Method

Those who have read the book and followed Marie Kondo for years will tell you this is a lifestyle choice. Her advice and method are about more than “decluttering.” She wants to bring joy to your home and life by tidying up.

Most people who genuinely follow her method do not resort back to clutter and mess. She is thorough, and she has disproved other tidying ways. She believes that tidying can restore balance to your home and life.

If you have heard anything about the method, you have undoubtedly heard that you only keep things that inspire joy. If you pick something up and it doesn’t bring you joy, you should discard it. You also sort by category, not by room. And you do it in one sweep, rather than a room at a time.

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If you want to know how to keep your house clean, Marie Kondo recommends you declutter in a specific order.

  1. Clothing
  2. Books
  3. Papers
  4. Komono, or miscellaneous items
  5. Mementos, or sentimental items

If you follow through with the categories in this order, you will find success. If you don’t take care of an entire group, items can migrate from room to room, and you will never truly declutter.

Tips for Successfully Executing the KonMari Method

1. Go for Categories, Not Rooms to Keep Your House Clean

It is common to attempt decluttering by moving from room to room. You might think, “I am going to tackle my bedroom today, the office tomorrow, and the living room next week.” Or, you might approach tidying up like a spring cleaner, moving through the house and cleaning room by room.

In this method, as you tackle books, or papers, or clothes, you will hold each item to see if it does bring you joy. If it doesn’t, you will discard it. This method is so much more than a spring cleaning guide. It is a transformative movement that will change how you live in your home and how you view it.

2. Remember That Your Things Deserve Respect

When your house is messy, and items are unorganized and shoved into spaces, you are not taking care of your belongings. Do your things enjoy being crumbled in a corner or jammed in the back of a closet?

3. Don’t Be Nostalgic

As you are focusing on one category, you need to fight distraction and rabbit holes. Do not look through letters and pictures when you are focused on clothes. Don’t become nostalgic for things you might be getting rid of down the road.

Once you get going, it becomes exciting to see your pile of non-joyous items growing. In the end, many people report double-digit bags and boxes of items to discard. Purging really can be fun and tremendously satisfying.

4. After The Discard, Find Places For Things

It is vital to go through the process of discarding all of the items you are getting rid of before you start finding places for the joy-giving items. Marie Kondo encourages storing everything of the same type in the same space.

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Marie Kondo believes many of our clothes would be happier in a dresser, rather than hanging or in cubbies, for example. There’s even a specific folding method you should adopt. You are supposed to keep your storage simple and centrally located. That way, you will be able to tell quickly how much you have of a particular thing.

5. Fall in Love With Your Things Again

After you have successfully discarded items that do not bring you joy and effectively organized and put away the things you want to keep, you will have more breathing room. Not only will you be able to find that items are much more accessible, but you will also be able to rediscover your own style.

Too often, people resort to the same old things over and over because it is easy. This trend is especially true with clothes. If you have adopted the KonMari Method for clothing storage, you will quickly find clothes in your drawers and hanging in your closet.

Results You Can Love

After going through the KonMari Method, you will find several things in your home and life have changed. Dramatically re-organizing your home will dramatically re-organize your life. Marie Kondo says this is almost like a detox effect for your house and body.

You will also learn to be content with what you have. Maybe you will even enjoy cleaning, going through your house, getting dressed, and everything in between. You will no longer get anxiety every time you have to find something or get dressed.

You will find that you have the number of things in your home that you need, nothing more. The habit of keeping only what brings joy allows you to get rid of stuff you no longer need. You will notice you are pickier with what you bring into your home, as well.

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This method will also make your home look better to you. Rather than being overwhelmed with everything in your house, you will only see things that make you happy. Plus, it will be easier to take care of your home and keep it clean when you respect the things you have left.

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