Spring is almost here – welcome Spring! It is time to get ready and start tackling all your Spring projects. Are you ready? You must be utterly prepared to handle all the spring cleaning to-do’s, room-by-room tasks (such as clearing clutter and cleaning specific rooms), and exterior to-dos (like repairing and fixing up the outdoors). Spring cleaning is a once-a-year task largely suited for spring season. If you are unsure of where to start, just use this handy spring cleaning guide.

 Practical Spring Cleaning To-Dos

Start with washing your windows. Windows are quite easy (and enjoyable) to clean, but only if you clean them on a much cloudier day. Washing windows on a cloudy day, and with a cleaning solution, lessens the drying of the solution thus leaving no streak marks. The same cannot be said when the weather is too sunny. Products to use for window washing: water (1 gallon), a teaspoon of dishwashing liquid, rubbing alcohol (1 pint), and ammonia (½ cup). And that is all.

 Next, clean the sliding door tracks. You might not possibly think that sliding door tracks need some cleaning, but wait when the entertaining season gets into full swing. Your sliding doors will jam. Do not wait until they do. Start by scrubbing the tracks of your sliding door with an old toothbrush (you will be surprised how much debris an old toothbrush can loosen). Thereafter, vacuum all the collected debris [plus dirt] and then clean the tracks with a wet mop or sponge.

Clean all the overlooked surfaces as well. The most overlooked of surfaces in your home include the walls, door frames, and baseboards. It is important to always clean them before the spring season comes knocking. Give these surfaces a good scrub down at least on a daily basis, but once a year. There are no particular products to use for cleaning overlooked surfaces. You just need a gallon of water, a squirt of dishwashing liquid and a sponge to wash off the grime.

Additional Spring Cleaning Tips

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Spring cleaning also involves deep-cleaning your home carpets. Although the best way to clean carpets is to have it cleaned by professional carpet cleaning services (at least every year), you can also equally clean your home carpets as well. You just need to rent a deep cleaner or just purchase a professional-style model specifically designed for home use. This way, you will be fully guaranteed of maintaining your new carpet’s warranty for years on end. Try it today.

Clean under furniture and appliances as well. Most people do not remember to. Find time to move your chairs and sofas; roll up your area rug, and then cleanly vacuum your home floor. To be able to do this perfectly, organization is imperative. Move your kitchen appliances away from the wall if you can to avoid spilling water on them.

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