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Sep 15, 2020

I was so happy with the mini blind cleaning! The house was so fresh!

- Michelle (Houston)

Sep 14, 2020


- Ronald Sefcik (Houston)

Sep 9, 2020

Excellent work

- Jeffrey (Katy)

Sep 9, 2020

Great job!

- Lauren E (CYPRESS)

Sep 9, 2020

Loved it! Amazing job!

- Juliana (Houston)

Sep 2, 2020

Awesome service, on time, professional, courteous and friendly. We couldn’t have asked for better services.

- Sandip (Katy)

Sep 1, 2020

I know I say the same thing every review but it is excellent friendly service!

- Harry N. (Katy)

Aug 28, 2020

Great job!

- Lauren E (CYPRESS)

Aug 27, 2020

Great. Team 4

- Annette A. (Katy)

Aug 26, 2020

Great job thank you ladies!

- Heather (Cypress)

The team you sent over was OUTSTANDING!  The place has never been cleaner and we look forward to having them back next week.  Thank you so much!

Steven D.


You guys did a great job! I can’t believe how clean my house is, not a trace of pet hair? How do you do it? I am impressed and will definitely be using Bee maids on a weekly basis! Thank you thank you

Tiffany B.


If you are looking for outstanding and affordable service, stop looking, you can find it here. This company delivers on all promises. Jorge and Maricela are very customer oriented and great to work with. They have a new and satisfied customer that will employ their services in the future.

Chris T.


Bee Maids is a great company! They’ve been coming every two weeks for a couple years now.  Our place is beautiful again after they finish cleaning.

The owners are super people. Very trustworthy and professional. I would recommend their service to anyone reading this review.

Teri G.




I absolutely recommend Bee Maids to anybody looking for a cleaning service. As a real estate agent I always have them clean my homes to have them ready to sell, during move ins and outs and they do a truly great job. As a busy working mother I have them come to my home on a bi-weekly basis and my home always look sparkling.

Marsela M.



Without you and your teams our life would be chaotic!

You take the worry and stress about having a clean home off our shoulders each week. The things you all do, going beyond what we expect is truly amazing and we appreciate it every day. The little things your team does are so nice, every time they are there, I know I will be able to find the remote controls and the telephones are back in place.

Their honesty and attention to detail is not overlooked!

Lillian C.




I went through about 3 cleaning services before I found Bee Maids, and I am SO glad I did. I had such high expectations after going through past services that always left me disappointed and unpleased. Bee Maids filled all of those voids. I always said “There’s no one that can clean my house better than me” I was wrong. Bee Maids has been GREAT!! I come home to a SUPER CLEAN, SMELL GOOD home every time! Jorge and Maricela are great to, they are understanding and provide great customer service. The 2 things I probably like most is 1. How affordable Bee Maids is. 2. They use and provide all of their own products. Which is great because you are not getting a list every month saying what they have run out of or need more of. Unlike the other companies I used where they were more expensive for a “cheap” clean on my house. I am a person who is obsessed with the floors in my house, I don’t like to see a spot of dirt on my floors and I never do when Bee Maids finishes. I would recommend this service to ANYONE and EVERYONE!

Kelly H.


My husband hired Bee Maids for us when I went back to work full time. It is so nice to know that our home is in great hands while they are there! I have always loved their work, and there is never a speck of dust left behind or anything forgotten. They have an amazing work ethic and always strive to do their very best. I am thankful that we found them! I could not recommend them more highly. We love Bee Maids!

Beverly B.


I wanted to everyone know, that if you are looking for a housecleaning service, you should try Bee Maids! I have tried MANY different individuals and services to clean my house, and Bee Maids was by far more consistent, more thorough, more punctual, and more communicative than any other. I am very glad I have found them because they make my life much easier. No worrying about people you don’t know cleaning your house (they send the same person/team each time), they come when they say they will come, there is no language barrier, and they are bonded & insured. They respond to my emails and phone calls promptly. And the best part: they do an AWESOME job. I am not kidding. I used to use CleanPro, which charged a good bit more, and Bee Maids does a better job than they did. It’s a family owned business, and they have very nice people working for them. If you are thinking about having a service come once a month or every 2 weeks, you need to give these guys a try! They make my busy life so much easier!

Bonnie R.




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