As a new year begins, it’s natural for you to start reflecting on the year that has passed. You look around your home at all you have accomplished. You begin to think about what changes need to happen for the new year and what routines you’d like to keep up with or add. New Year’s Day brings with it a fresh start and a year full of possibilities.

When thinking of how you want to tackle the new year, one of the most distracting things can be your living space. Does it set you up for success or does looking around overwhelm you with a neverending to-do list?

It is essential to establish a cleaning routine in the new year that allows you to stay focused and accomplish your goals each day. This routine could apply to your office or your home or both. You can start with just one room and slowly work your way through the rest of the house.

The key to keeping your cleaning resolutions is to start with goals that are small and realistic. Don’t overload yourself with expectations that you literally and metaphorically will sweep under the rug. You can always add a bit more to your routine later, but demanding too much of yourself or your family right away will soon leave you feeling defeated.

Make Your Bed

You can almost hear your mother’s voice ringing in your head. Like many pieces of advice that mothers give, this one is proven to be true. Making your bed is a small step that tidies up your room substantially and can leave you feeling accomplished and inspired to take on the rest of the day. It feels good to have one item checked off of your to-do list first thing in the morning.

Another added tip for bed making is to keep your bedding simple. It is a quick process to arrange a simple duvet on your bed, and you can remove it quickly for cleaning. Just pop the cover off and launder away. Use minimal pillows and throws, and you’ll find bed making is quite easy and worth the time.

Nightly Sweeping

Lady manager using mobile cell phone calling with client when she after work kneeling down on living room floor sweeping messy toys with clothing.

This habit doesn’t refer to sweeping with a broom and dustpan. The idea behind a nightly sweep is to look over each room before you head to bed, making sure each space is clean and ready for a new day. A tidy house encourages a clear mind.

Having baskets in each room to be used as catch-alls for miscellaneous items will help your nightly tidy-up routine. With many stylish basket options available, organizing is simple and decorative. You will find that doing a nightly sweep before bed will help improve your sleep. Waking up to a neat home is a plus, too.

Set Yourself Up For Success

Think through the main areas where you do significant cleaning, such as upstairs and downstairs. Consider having a set of cleaning supplies in each space to save time and hassle during your chores. Keeping a glass cleaner, multi-purpose cleaner, a roll of trash bags, and some cleaning rags in each spot ensures you rarely have to run back and forth to find what you need.

Having cleaning supplies stocked in areas that need the most frequent attention, like the kitchen or bathroom, allows you to clean as needed. You will be able to stay on top of quick tasks such as cleaning the bathroom mirror when you have what you need right there.

Closet Clean Out

Getting organized is a top resolution for many people. There are many ways to begin and plenty of areas in the home that need the extra attention. It can be overwhelming to start. A closet clean out is an easy way to get started. Analyze your wardrobe, considering the style and fit of each item.

If you find that it no longer fits, you no longer enjoy it, or you can’t remember the last time you reached for it, donate it. Someone else will be glad to receive it, and you’ll have a tidy closet.

Fill your closet with some great staple pieces that you love and get rid of the items that no longer work for your life.

Put The Laundry Away

closeup of a young man carrying a pile of different folded clothes

Life seems to be getting busier every year. There are always to-do lists, and there is always another chore or errand to run. One habit that can bring a sense of control in the chaos is to make it a priority this year to fold and put away laundry as soon as it is done.

Break the habit of pulling out freshly laundered clothes and leaving them in a heap. A pile of clothing leaves you having to dig to find what you’re looking for and makes it harder to differentiate between what is clean or dirty.

Ignoring the chore of folding and putting away laundry may feel like you’re saving time. But in the long run, you waste time searching for your items and rewashing things that didn’t actually need laundering.

Purge The Garage

The garage tends to be the hideaway for misfit belongings. Many Americans find themselves shoving unwanted things in the garage and then forgetting about them. Make 2019 your year to break this habit. Start with purging the things that are right in front of you. If it’s broken and unrepairable, toss it. If the item is functional but is something you don’t plan to use, donate it.

Make cleaning the garage your opportunity to complete projects you never got around to finishing. Take the time to put tools where they belong or to create a space for them. Who knows, you may even make room for the car!

2019 Is Your Year

Choose a few tasks off of this list to add to your resolutions this year. These simple tips and tricks will help you keep your resolution and will allow you to make more time for the things that matter.

And for your day-to-day and deep cleaning chores, Bee Maids has you covered. Reach out today for a free estimate. Between your new habits and our expert staff, you’ll have a home that feels clean, peaceful, and welcoming.